Puk Maxx Tri Star

The Puk Maxx Tri Star is the innovative solution for sophisticated lighting concepts. As a system luminaire, the Puk Maxx series pendant luminaire offers a wide variety of interesting applications, particularly in the context of lighting design. The luminaire is a freely configurable lighting solution with dimmable low-voltage halogen technology or LED that is matched to the requirements. The reflectors integrated in the pendant luminaire provide interesting lighting effects. Adjust the position of the reflectors individually to the existing conditions and use the varied effects of light in a targeted manner. This gives you an interesting instrument for creating additional effects in rooms. The Puk Maxx Tri Star is the perfect lighting solution for this purpose. As an individual luminaire or as a system luminaire.


pendular length

Lighting Control

Enables dimming, switching and controlling individual luminaires or groups of luminaires via Bluetooth, as well as programming light scenes for perfect feel-good lighting. The timer also offers safety in the event of absence.

Energy efficiency

LED Variante

Halogen Variante

The following classifications for lamps with unbundled and focused light are available in accordance with EU Regulation No. 874/2012. When you buy a modern lamp from Top Light, you immediately see the savings potential and efficiency, making it much easier to compare different technologies without specialist knowledge.


Dimmable with standard harsh angle dimmer for incandescent lamps.

Protection Class III:
Lamps in low-voltage range.

IP (Ingress Protection), protection class financing IP20 = Protected against the penetration of solid foreign bodies > 12mm.

Marking for the manufacturer's declaration of conformity on compliance with existing EU directives.

Technical data

Chrome parts
Powdered parts

The technical drawing helps to get a general overview of the technical characteristics and functionality of the Top Light luminaires.


Farbige Textilkabel erhältlich.

Lamphead configuration

The head configuration of the Top Light luminaires makes it possible to change the light failure according to one's own wishes. With different lenses or a suitable light stop, mounting is possible without any problems. Centered illumination or a wide range of lighting results can be implemented and quickly achieved by means of individual configuration.

Color filters

Individual light and colour concepts are possible thanks to numerous colour filters. The high-quality luminaires from Top Light offer a wide variety of colours and variants for the unique lighting design. Among others, the colours red, magenta, blue and green are available and can be selected from the corresponding luminaires.

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