First impressions count: The entrance area of the house is usually the first thing guests enter. The connecting piece between the individual rooms, in which the stairs are often also located, is nevertheless usually neglected. With a suitable illumination, however, an atmospheric oasis of well-being can be conjured up from the dreary corridor. This results in a holistic lighting concept that also suits the rest of the home. Your guests will feel at home right away.

Corridor lighting is a challenging project, but the lighting designer can help. As a rule, the corridor is small and angled, usually even without windows, i.e. daylight. This results in a dark room from the ground up that requires a well thought-out concept. With our many years of experience, we recommend indirect light for this: let the luminaires shine onto the walls, which reflect the light pleasantly. This requires a bright wall colour. Wall luminaires such as the lamps of the Puk series are ideal for this purpose. When mounted at eye level, they do not dazzle, but they radiate the light perfectly upwards and downwards.

The luminaires with which indirect illumination is possible generally make the corridor appear larger than it actually is. This creates a completely new space that has been neglected so far. This is because lighting does not begin in the living room, but in the entrance area.

Receive the visitors in the right light and benefit from our individual designer luminaires, which convince with a great lighting quality.

A warm light creates a particularly atmospheric atmosphere. It does not matter whether it is a ceiling or wall luminaire. You should bear this in mind when planning your new concept. And: The staircase should - if available - be integrated into the planning. It does not only become a great eye-catcher. Safety is also significantly increased. The steps are easy to recognise and stand out visibly from each other.

Top Light luminaires can be used to realise professional lighting concepts that can be adapted to individual requirements. The lamps by top designer Rolf Ziel convince with a timeless and simple design that provides stylish lighting in every hallway. The luminaires are handmade and 'Made in Germany'. They make the entrance area shine - and welcome the guests in the new light.

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