With Top Light lighting you are on the right track. The luminaires from the Puk and Light Dance series are perfectly suited for illuminating the property in a new light - whether entrance or entrance area. The luminaires correspond to the latest LED technology and are energy-saving at the same time. For outdoor use, luminaires have been developed which comply with protection class IP44 and are therefore also rain-resistant. And the possible applications are manifold...

The luminaires from the Puk series by Top Light conjure up an atmospheric ambience in front of the front door. The Puk Maxx Plus OD is suitable for ceiling mounting, for example on the garage canopy or above the house entrance. The luminaire glass produces an exciting cone of light that can radiate a sophisticated lighting concept with a high degree of individualisation. Together with the Puk Maxx Wall OD, which is suitable for use on the wall, a suitable combination is developed. Thanks to the double-designed lens, the light can be emitted both upwards and downwards through optionally replaceable glasses & lenses - for an innovative atmosphere. The luminaire heads of the Puk series are available in different colours. Thanks to this selection, there is a suitable luminaire for every wall colour.

The Foxx Round OD from Top Light's Light Dance series impresses with its restrained design, which invites both ceiling and wall mounting. This allows even sophisticated concepts and a modern lighting design to be realised. The unusually flat luminaire is available in four different diameters, from 200 to 500 millimetres. It adapts to its surroundings and at the same time shines with attractive lighting.

An interplay of wall and ceiling luminaires from different Top Light series is not only possible, but also ideally suited.

Because the different lamps provide an elegant mixture and loosen up the concept of every property entrance. Thanks to the simple and elementary design of the luminaires, they do not conflict with each other but complement each other harmoniously. For example, the Foxx Round OD can be mounted on the wall next to the front door, while the Puk Maxx Plus OD illuminates under the canopy. This creates an atmospheric overall concept.

All lights are designed by top light designer Rolf Ziel, who has used his years of experience to create them. The result is a timeless and simple design that is ideal for any entrance area. The handmade lamps are 'Made in Germany' and promise excellent workmanship and a high-quality impression. As a manufacturer, we stand for this with our name. The luminaires from Top Light impress with their high integration capability in a wide variety of room concepts.

An exciting lighting concept on the property not only creates an atmospheric atmosphere, it also fulfils an important purpose: Light up the entrance with Top Light and show guests the right way to the front door.

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