Light stones are innovative, noble and timeless. The Light Stones from Top Light are an eye-catcher in any outdoor lighting and turn driveways, footpaths and gardens into individual and attractive worlds of light. Hotels can perfectly stage their pool areas. Because light stones are an aesthetic style element for all outdoor design possibilities. "The illumination of the outdoor area creates a cosy atmosphere and a mood that cannot be equated with anything," says designer Rolf Ziel. "Top Light's Light Stones are ideally suited for this purpose". It doesn't matter whether they are for private or commercial use. "The effect is always the same."

Mit Lichtsteinen von Top Light können Sie individuelle Lichtwelten erzeugen und ein innovatives Beleuchtungsdesign realisieren. Leuchtsteine verleihen ein klares und authentisches Design. Darüber hinaus bieten die Light Stones auch abgesehen von der Erzeugung stimmungsvoller Lichtwelten besondere Vorteile. Sie können beispielsweise auch als optische Führungslinie genutzt werden oder mit einem dezenten Licht auf Stolperfallen wie Stufen und Kanten hinweisen. Auch tagsüber können die Leuchten dank ihrer Optik für einen Akzent in der Außengestaltung sorgen.

Whether round or square, white or coloured - the light stones from Top Light leave nothing to be desired. They are available in various versions: From artificial stone look to natural and granite stone look to classic natural paving stone made of real stone.

The Light Stones always convince with a high degree of haptic. Most of the light stones are made of synthetic resin, the basic body is filled with mineral material. The many years of experience and innovative strength in the processing of synthetic resins are of particular benefit here. The luminous stones are impact-resistant, light-stabilized and correspond to the slip resistance class 3V. This gives the light stones a very high coefficient of friction and a slip resistance angle of over 35.1 degrees. There is no danger of falls, especially in damp conditions.

The Light Stones can be laid easily, even in combination with other paving stones. Different rectangular formats with different edge lengths always ensure a good edging. The Top Light light blocks are electrical equipment suitable for installation in the ground. They comply with protection classes IP68 and IP58 and are therefore protected against dust and water. All stones can be laid without special tools.

The light stones can also score technically. State-of-the-art LED technology with 0.3 Watt or 1 Watt ensures minimised power consumption, prevents unwanted heat development on the light source and avoids the emission of UV light. Light Stones are available in several light colours, either as through-coloured light stones for white LEDs or as crystal-clear stones for coloured LEDs. Practical: the long service life saves unnecessary work. Thanks to their robustness, the light stones can even be driven on by cars, making them suitable for use in private driveways or public pedestrian zones. The possibilities of Top Light's light stones are limitless.

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