Individuality plays an important role not only for you but also for us in the selection of the suitable Top Light luminaire. For exactly this reason, our product range offers you different possibilities for your own design. Here you have various lighting concepts and modern technology at your disposal so that you can create your very own lighting design for the desired rooms.


You too can enjoy the glass for your Top Light luminaire in a wide and softly diffused light. The glass is frosted on both sides, which makes the lighting result similar to that of a conventional luminaire. The so-called diffuse radiation accordingly has no visible light effect. Of course, you can also rely on the innovative application possibilities and numerous combination variations. For more stability and effective use of the accessories, we recommend combining the light stop with a suitable glass. As a rule, the glass is installed directly above the light stop, which is also known and described as an aluminium reflector. If you would like to immerse your premises in individually coloured light, we would be happy to support you. High-quality colour filters are available in addition to the glass for your desired configuration.

Lens clear

If you want a clear light cone with low light scatter outside of it, the clear lens is the right choice for your Top Light luminaire. The lenses are often used in everyday life; preferred areas of application include downlight and downlight/uplight. The use of the light cone offers you a great influence on the actual light, because the lens focuses the light on a clearly visible cone. Most of the scattering takes place exclusively in this cone, outside there is almost no scattering. The light beam is focused directly onto the ceiling or wall. If you want to illuminate your rooms individually, the clear lens is a good choice and basis. An individual combination with high-quality colour filters is of course also possible with the lens, here you can choose from the familiar colours and variants.

Lens matt

A pleasant, soft yet bright light is achieved by using a matt lens in combination with your new Top Light luminaire. A clear difference to the clear lens results from the use of this technology in relation to the light cone. This is slightly indicated; the light is scattered as widely as possible. Comfortable and soft lighting in all rooms can thus be easily implemented. In addition to the general soft illumination, the matt lens is also ideally suited for combination with other accessories. Our popular colour filters, which together with the modern Top Light luminaire are responsible for an individual and atmospheric light, are a suitable and popular example. Different colours are available here as usual to meet the different requirements. Nothing more stands in the way of combining different variants for your Top Light models.

Aluminium reflector (light stop)

The light stop for your high-quality Top Light luminaire allows you an individual and unique illumination of the desired rooms. The light stop is usually combined under a glass to ensure effective reduction of light emission and greater stability. If required, however, it is also possible to use it without glass. The light or the light emission is significantly reduced by means of these accessories; on the equipped side, the brightness with this equipment shines only in the difference between the reflector edge and the edge of the luminaire head. The actual reflector is slightly smaller than the housing, which means that there is no 100 percent reduction in light emission during use. The light stop, also known as an aluminium reflector, is used in numerous variants from the Top Light range and is the right choice for more cosiness and a particularly pleasant atmosphere. Especially for luminaires with double light emission, the light stop is ideal for individual adjustment of the light.

Each head of the Top Light luminaire is provided with a special structure to allow you the desired adjustments and individual changes. Among other things, colour filters, reflectors and glass are available for you to choose from. Each individual element allows you to adjust the light, the colour and the mood to your very individual needs. Of course, the individual solutions for effective adaptation can also be combined on request. For example, the colour filters in different colours match the lenses perfectly, both in matt and clear finish. The same applies to the reflectors, also known as light stops, which harmonise perfectly with the glass for optional light distribution. Please note that the selected light sources can also achieve a deviation in the desired effects.

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